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What Drives Us

Uncovering hidden aspects of our world fulfills a basic human urge to explore the unknown. Our work focuses on mapping unseen 3D landscapes, a tool already vital in fields like autonomous driving, medical diagnosis, and defense. This journey started with our founders seeking solutions for the visually impaired, which led to a simple yet effective way to map 3D spaces. Today, our aim is to use our innovative, patent-pending technology to advance various industries and push the boundaries of what's possible with technology.

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Our Core Technology

Our technology facilitates the cost-effective and efficient mapping of both visible and invisible 3D landscapes. This versatile approach has significant applications across various sectors, including assistive technologies, healthcare technology, and manufacturing, marking a substantial advancement in the application of 3D imaging.

Our company is building a machine learning-powered smart wearable device. This device employs technology analogous to that used in CT scanners, enabling it to produce detailed 3D images that mimic the real-world environment. This approach represents a significant step in merging advanced imaging techniques with wearable technology.

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Our Products


A smart-glove that translates braille to speech in real time. Using BrailleWear, blind and low vision individuals can learn braille in an independent and intuitive way. 


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