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What Drives Us

Discovering the unknown is a fundamental human need and desire. We help discover some of the unknown by mapping out unseeable 3D landscapes. 3D imaging is used today for automatous driving, cancer diagnosis, national defense, and beyond. Our journey began when our founder's were trying to solve a problem for visually impaired individuals and discovered a way to uniquely map 3D landscapes in a simple manner. Today we seek to apply our patent-pending technology to push the boundaries of technology and revolutionize industries.

Medical Touch
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Using our technology, we can affordably and effectively map out visible and unseeable 3D landscapes. The technology is applicable in assistive technologies, healthtech, and manufacturing.

Our Core Technology

We are building a novel ML-powered smart-wearable device that integrates similar technology used in CT scanners to create a 3D images that replicate the 3D landscape in the real world.

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Our Products


A smart-glove that translates braille to speech in real time. Using BrailleWear, users can learn braille in an independent and intuitive way. 

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