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Where it all started

Kushagra was volunteering for a blind institute in Bangalore, India where he discovered that 90% of the visually impaired cannot read braille.

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Meeting Mr. Roger W. Ferguson

We met with Mr. Roger W. Ferguson, former Vice Chair of the US Federal Reserve, where he gave us his support for our mission.


Developing the product

Taking the data we gathered from the research, we gathered a team of industrial, UX, and software engineers to begin developing the product.


Winning the CES Innovation Award

Our first working product received the CES Innovation Award from the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show where we demoed our product and met with many industry personnel.


Winning the Cambridge Parmee Prize

We set out to solve the problem and discovered a way to identify braille patterns without touching them and became the first undergraduates to win the Cambridge Parmee Prize.

Parmee Prize 2022-22.heic

Conducting research in London

Once we had built out our MVP, we conducted interviews with faculty and members of RNIB and Beyond Sight to understand the problem better.


Produced first functional model

After months of research, brainstorming, and experimentation, we produced a working model of our smart-glove that yielded 90% accuracy under select conditions.


Launching our first model

Following our research trial with various institutes, we will launch our first user-ready model in early 2024.

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